Space and Time Studio (dapp)

Space and Time Studio is the next-gen application for using and administering your Space and Time account.

Space and Time Studio is a comprehensive dapp frontend for exploring blockchain data, running queries, and publishing to custom-branded dashboards.

With SxT Studio, you can...

  • Explore and visualize available blockchain data right away. Start running queries, creating tables, and loading your own data by simply connecting your wallet.
  • Ask our OpenAI-enabled chatbot (powered by ChainML) for help with anything as you navigate through the dapp. Generate code in seconds with natural language. Write queries like “show me all wallets that purchased an NFT from my collection.”
  • Publish your queries to APIs, dashboards, dapps, blockchains, and other databases automatically with OpenAI. Customize your dashboard to reflect your brand.

The SxT dapp is currently available in beta.