Blockchain Data Models

Space and Time loads the major blockchain data into relational data models for ease of use in analytics. To make exploring the data easier, the Space and Time Studio has an interactive data model explorer.

Interactive Data Model Explorer

To get started exploring the data model, head over to the interactive data model explorer (links to specific chains below) and click on "DataSets" in the top menu. From there you can click around the different blockchain data models, your own data sets, or community shared data.

To search for a data element within the model, use the "Search" bar in the upper-left of the explorer:

Blockchain Data Models

The below links will take you directly to the different blockchain data model pages:

Coming Soon:

  • Avalanche
  • BNB Chain
  • Base
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism

What about offchain data?

You can also load your own offchain data into Space and Time. This allows you to join application-generated data with blockchain data and generate DeFi options or dynamic NFTs for your game in a single query.