Remove, Promote, or Demote a User

The easiest way to administer your subscription, by far, is using Space and Time Studio. That said, every capability in Studio is also available using Space and Time APIs, if you are looking to integrate into other administration tools.

Removing Users

To remove a user from your subscription:

  1. Navigate to Studio and login with an Owner or Admin UserID
  2. Click on "My Account" in the upper-right to pop out the account control
  3. Select the "My Organization" page
  4. Find the UserID to remove, and click on the trash-can icon

Done! The user has been removed from your subscription.


UserIDs Never Die

Removing a UserID from your subscription does NOT delete the User - their access is suspended until they are invited to join (or sign up for their own) new subscription and they may lose permission to private tables, however the UserID continues to be accessible to the person.

There is no confirmation on removing a UserID - if you accidently remove someone, you'll have to generate and issue a new JoinCode.


If you have a smaller number of users to modify, this is by far the easiest path - a few clicks per UserID, and you're done. If you have several hundred or thousands users to change, you may consider setting up a shell script with the SXT CLI, or use APIs to integrate into other employee management software (like SSO, LDAP, etc.)

Changing a UserID's Role

Changing the role of a UserID is likewise very easy, and available from the same "My Organization" page - simply click on the role dropdown next to the UserID's name, and select a new role.

The level of roles are:

  1. Owner (highest) - Admin, with extra ability to manage subscription settings / information
  2. Admin - Member, with the extra ability to administer other users (add, remove, promote, demote)
  3. Member - can access Space and Time database to run queries, create tables and views, call APIs, etc.

Any UserID can change the role of any other UserID of equal-or-lesser level. This means an Owner can promote or demote any other user to any role they want. An Admin can promote Members to Admins, or demote Admins to Members, but cannot change or promote new Owners. A member effectively cannot change anything.