We understand that some developers want to manage their own private keys, and others would rather opt for a more streamlined approach. In order to satisfy all use cases, we offer two distinct ways that you can connect to Space and Time:

  1. Connect to the Gateway (Secrets Proxy): Delegated custody to our secure servers for a simpler, Web2-style developer experience. Use our Gateway (Secrets Proxy) APIs.
  2. Connect Directly to the Space and Time Network: Self-custodied secrets for optimal performance, flexibility, and decentralized Web3 security. Use all other APIs.

To learn more about both ways to connect, visit this page.


There are no required prerequisites. Examples are provided in cURL, Javascript, and Python. You must connect to Space and Time before calling any REST APIs.

Connect to the Gateway (Secrets Proxy)

Gateway (Secrets Proxy) REST APIs - Call the Gateway (Secrets Proxy) APIs to interact with the behind-the-scenes security components of Space and Time.

Connect directly to the Space and Time Network

Security/Auth REST APIs - Call the Security APIs to register, authenticate, and logout from the platform. For step-by-step instructions on using the Security APIs, follow this workflow.

SQL Operations REST APIs - Call the SQL APIs to execute SQL against the SxT data warehouse. Run queries, configure resources, and modify data.

Resource Discovery REST APIs - Call the Discovery APIs to look up database resources and inspect their metadata.

Streaming Operations REST APIs - Call the Streaming APIs to configure Kafka infrastructure and stream data into Space and Time.

Content REST APIs - Call the Content APIs to interact with user-generated content such as charts, widgets, dashboards, etc.

Subscription REST APIs - Call the Subscription REST APIs for information about your Space and Time subscription.

User Activity REST APIs - Call the Activity APIs to query your platform activity and query history.