This is a REST API for Streaming operations. The Streaming API enables Kafka infrastructure configuration and provides a simple producer proxy. With this API, you can:

  • Create Kafka credentials, topics, ACLs, etc.
  • Enable/disable flexible, realtime streaming ingestion of your data.
  • Test your infrastructure with a simple message production API.

For more information about Streaming, please see our companion guide


Before calling the Streaming Operations REST APIs, make sure you've authenticated to Space and Time.

Infrastructure Groups

All infrastructure configuration APIs (i.e., all except the producer API) require the use of biscuits. This is to ensure that streaming resources are secured in the same manner as database resources. However, given the wide range of streaming resources that must be configured before a full streaming solution can be implemented (Kafka topic, Kafka user, ACL, and mapping configuration), a potential explosion of biscuits might arise. In order to keep this in check, we've created a new resource concept: the streaming infrastructure group.

An infrastructure group is a uniquely-identifiable resource that serves as a parent for all other streaming resources, grouping them all under a single umbrella identifier. You will notice that all infrastructure APIs require a group identifier and a biscuit. Rather than tying every unique Kafka topic, user, ACL, etc to a biscuit public/private key, only the infrastructure group is tied to this keypair. Thus, after creating an infrastructure group and biscuit, users can simply reuse the same biscuit and group identifier to create, read, update, and delete all other Streaming infrastructure.