Proxy Execute SQL

Using this endpoint, you can execute any kind of SQL statement (DQL, DML, DDL). This API goes through the Gateway (Secrets Proxy), and unlike the Generic SQL API or related DQL, DML, and DDL APIs, this API will handle authentication and authorization tokens required by the SxT Network. For example, the API Key you specify in the header (created via the API Key API) does not expire like the access token required in the Generic SQL API (via the bearer token Authorization header); instead, the Gateway manages your session with the SxT Network (reauthenticating you with the SxT Network automatically as necessary). Similarly, resources and permissions created and biscuits uploaded to the Gateway will automatically be provided to the SxT Network to authorize your request on your behalf. You can also provide biscuits manually as part of the request body and they will be forwarded to the SxT Network. The ease of getting started and usability of this API results in slightly slower performance, so if performance is critical to your application, we recommend you use the SQL APIs that go direct to the SxT Network.

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