The Secrets Proxy API enables users to more easily interact with the security components of the SxT platform. It sits outside of the core network and provides custodial secrets management (including ED25519 public/private key pair for authentication and biscuit private keys for biscuit management).

Using the Secrets Proxy API, you can do the following:

  • Authenticate with Web2 username/password and let the secrets proxy handle the ED25519 authentication with the network on your behalf.
  • Create new resources and have valid biscuits and public keys provided for you.
  • Configure permissions on those resources for users in your subscription and have the Secrets Proxy automatically generate biscuits for them.
  • Upload your own biscuits to the secrets proxy.

Our dapp already has first-class integration with the Secrets Proxy, so you won't have to manually enter biscuits every time you want to execute a query (they'll be automatically injected as needed). JDBC Driver integration is coming soon, which will enable users to authenticate with the platform using the same username/password as they do in the dapp. It will also enable users to have their configured biscuits loaded into the driver for them automatically so they won't have to be manually configured.