Smart Contract Indexing

Our indexing service provides both chain-level data that’s stored in “core” tables, as well as protocol-specific semantic datasets from various protocols. But we also provide a way for developers to access data around events emitted by their own smart contracts without having to sort through our core tables to get it.

About smart contract indexing

This section of the docs refers to smart contract indexing: a sub-feature of our blockchain indexing service that lets you generate custom tables from your own smart contract events. You can submit a list of smart contracts for indexing, and Space and Time will create a new set of custom tables that contain the events from those specific smart contracts. We write the emitted events into new tables that can then be queried, joined with other indexed data or offchain data, and ZK proven sub-second. This allows you to create highly customized, efficient, and sophisticated applications that leverage chain-level data, protocol-specific data, offchain data, and data from your own smart contract events in a fast, affordable, and ZK-proven way.

How it works

Indexing your smart contract is as simple as submitting the contract address on the Space and Time Studio.

  1. Log into the Studio and navigate to the “Get data from chain” button under the “Smart Contracts” tab on the main menu
  2. Select your contract’s chain and enter the address
  3. Review the tables generated by recent onchain data and submit for indexing
  4. That’s it! We pull the ABI, we automatically generate a table for each smart contract event, and we begin populating them for you automatically.