Get Started with the Studio

These instructions explain how to connect and authenticate to Space and Time on the Space and Time Studio, our AI-powered UI.

How to Register a New Studio User

  1. Navigate to the Space and Time Studio dapp:
  2. Click on the "Sign in" button in the upper right.
  3. Click on the "Register" button below the normal username/password text boxes.


Or, sign in with your wallet instead

You can also sign in with your Web3 wallet by selecting "Connect a Wallet." In this case, you can skip the next substep below.

  1. On the "Register new account" screen, you're presented with 3 text boxes:
    1. Join Code (optional) - If you've been given a JoinCode by your organization's admin already, you can enter that code here. If you don't have a JoinCode, just leave it blank, you can always add it to your account later.
    2. Username or Email - This is the UserID that you'll use every time you log into SxT, and must be globally unique across the network. You can use special characters, so your email is always a solid choice, but any text will do. Note that usernames are case-sensitive.
    3. Password - The password for your new account, with a minimum of 8 characters. You can change your password at any time.
  1. Click "Create Account."


Congrats! You've created your Space and Time account!


The UserID was created on the Space and Time network using the Space and Time Gateway (Secrets Proxy), which is an open-source middleware designed to manage keys and biscuits for applications using the Space and Time network. It creates a proxy keypair for your account, accessible via the password, but will never transmit this keypair (for obvious security reasons).

Use the Studio to Request an API Key

You can also use the Studio to generate an API key, which allows you to connect to Space and Time via the Gateway (Secrets Proxy), using our Gateway REST APIs.

For a guide on how to do so, see this page.