Retrieving your Subscription ID

Each Space and Time subscription (a funded account) has a unique SXT Subscription ID. If you're the owner of the subscription, you may occasionally need to provide it, for example, support purposes, for applying for grants, etc.

How to find your Subscription ID

Step 1:

Login to Space and Time Studio

To login to Space and Time Studio dapp:

Navigate to the Space and Time Studio dapp and click on "Sign in" in the upper-right most corner.

Enter your Username and Password, and click "Login"


Click the "Connect a wallet" button at the bottom, and use your wallet to sign into your Space and Time account.

Once authenticated, you should see the "Sign in" button replaced by a "My account" button in the upper right, where you can manage your account and subscription settings.

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Step 2:

To find your Subscription ID:

Click on "My Account" in the upper-right hand of the Space and Time Studio dapp to open your account management screens.

On the "My Account" page, right column, scroll down about half-way to find your "Plan Details" section, which includes your Subscription ID.

The Subscription ID is a UUID and acts as the unique identifier to your Subscription. Any changes to the Subscription requires an authenticated "Owner", so the Subscription ID by itself is not sensitive.

That said, it's probably best not to share it too widely, just as a best practice.