Join an Organization

Welcome to your new Organization!

You can create a UserID on the Space and Time network and start running queries immediately - however you'll eventually hit a paywall that limits what you can do. To get around that, you'll need a subscription - either your own, or join an existing organization.

Joining an Organization's Subscription

You'll have to be invited to join an Organization's subscription. The invite is called a JoinCode - a short, one-time key that allows you to join the subscription, and should look something like 4e8c80b1e778ad7b7c6b3d91


Don't Wait!

JoinCodes are only valid for 24 hours, after which you'll need to request a new JoinCode from your Admin.

No UserID yet?

No problem - check out this page on creating a UserID. During UserID creation there is a field to enter a JoinCode. Done!

Have a UserID Already?

If you have a UserID already, we can join using the Space and Time Studio dapp.

  1. Navigate to Space and Time Studio dapp:
  2. Click on the "Sign in" button in the upper right, and login using a wallet or a UserID and Password
  3. Click on "My Account" in the upper right (replaces "Sign In") and make sure you're on the "My Accounts" tab
  1. The top option on the right is "Join an Existing Subscription" - enter your JoinCode into the field and click the "Submit" button
  2. (optional but recommended) Add a UserName and Email address. The former allows greater options for logging in, while the latter allows you to receive critical notifications.

Assuming your JoinCode is valid / hasn't expired, you'll get a message about joining a subscription, and the right panel should update to your organizations' subscription information.



You are now a member of a new organization!

No JoinCode?

If you don't have a JoinCode, no worries - every user will have 50 free queries granted during account creation. After those have been used, you can create your own Pay-per-Compute subscription! This is a no-minimum, per-usage pricing model whereby you only pay for queries run - usually a few pennies per query.

It's a great option for small startups looking to get started cheap and scale as they grow, or individuals who want easy access to blockchain data at very low transaction (query) cost.

To get started, find the "Usage-Based" / "Pay per Compute" option and click "Subscribe Now".

Today we bill in arrears (5th of every month) using credit cards, however are working towards more pre-pay, crypto, and on-chain options. Check back frequently!