Usage-Based Subscription (PPC)

Let Space and Time scale with your organization using pay-per-compute (PPC).

Pay per Compute (PPC) is a no-minimum, linear scale subscription model to pay for only the network compute that you use. Because there is no minimum, if you only consume $2 worth of compute, you only pay $2. If you use zero compute, you don't get billed! Pay per Compute is designed to scale with organizations from initial development all the way into production.

Sign up with Pay per Compute

To get started:

1 - Navigate to the Space and Time Studio:

2 - Click on the "Sign in" button in the upper right, and enter your UserID and Password - or create a new UserID if you're new.

3 - If you do not yet have a subscription, you will see various options on the right panel of the "My Accounts" tab - the top option should be "Pay per Compute"

4 - Click on Pay per Compute's "Subscribe Now" button and fill in the payment information - you will not be billed anything until you start running queries

Done! You're now the owner of your very own subscription!

You can begin inviting others to your subscription, checking out our API capabilities or recipes for common tasks, or querying blockchain data immediately!


Best Practice: Backup User

As a best practice, create an extra account with an "Owner" JoinCode, which can be safely stored away and not used. That way if admins or owners ever lose access keys thru accidents or laptop failures, you can still access your subscription to create new admin and owner accounts.

FAQ for Pay per Compute

Some common questions people have around Pay per Compute:

  • When am I billed?
    Right now, billing is on the 5th of every month, in arrears. This means you run the queries now, we'll settle up afterwards, on a monthly basis.
    In a few weeks we'll be releasing new features, like the ability to pre-purchase compute ahead of time for a discount. This will allow you to operate on a gas-model, where you purchase units of compute and burn them down over time.
  • How much will I be billed?
    Depends how much you use! The network will tally up the aggregate amount of compute used on the network and generate the costs. There is no minimum - zero compute means zero bill.
  • OK, but really - how much is an average query?
    If you're doing small, transactional lookups, we typically see 30 to 50 of those per penny (0.01 USD).
    If you're doing full-table scans across many massive tables, we've been able to push the cost as high as $0.60 USD. The average is obviously somewhere in-between, and will depend on your mix of transactional and big-data queries.
    We ran several test queries and recorded the cost of each - check out this page for details.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can spend?
    By default, all users have a $200 limit per month for arrears billing. If you would like to expand that amount, simply send an email request to [email protected] and we'll help extend to whatever you need.
  • What currency am I billed in?
    Today we'll bill in USD, however we are actively working to expand into using crypto payments. We are able to support crypto-payments for our fixed-rate plans today - again, reach out to [email protected] to start the conversation.
  • Can I track usage?
    If you have joined a subscription, you will see a "Data Usage" tab under "My Account." If your UserID is a member of the "Owner" role, you will also be able to see the total Subscription Usage, as well as look up all "Member Usage", in aggregate or by date.
  • What is the Space and Time Unit thing?
    It is a blended unit of compute across CPU and GPU seconds. Today, 1SXT Unit = $1, making it very easy to understand your costs.
  • Wen Token?
    Space and Time is US based, and so working thru the economics and regulatory requirements, to ensure we're fully in compliance. We'll send out announcements when we get closer, so keep plugged in!
  • Can I sign up thru my cloud provider?
    Today Space and Time fixed-rate plans are available on the cloud marketplaces for Azure and GCP, with AWS almost complete. We are working to add Price per Compute to those marketplaces in the near future.
  • Can I pause my service?
    Easy - simply stop running queries! No compute used means no bill.
  • What if we want to cancel service?
    Of course we'd recommend you simply pause service, since there is no down-side or cost. However, any "Owner" role can find a "cancel subscription" button on the "My Account" page.