Add Users to a Subscription

When setting up a new subscription, one of the first activities will be adding new users to your subscription. While this can be done entirely by API calls, for purposes of this page, we'll use the easiest method to get started: Space and Time Studio application.

Creating a New User

Because of the decentralized nature of Space and Time and core reliance on public/private keypairs, UserIDs are usually created by the users themselves and then invited to join a subscription.

Ask your user to navigate to Studio and create their own account. You can send them a link to the "Create and Configure a New UserID" page to help them get started.


Single Sign-On

Space and Time's APIs allow organizations easy control over authentication models, for instance, being able to sync with single-sign-on (SSO). In this case, the account is created by the SSO process and handed to the user.

Invite a User to Join Subscription

Any "Admin" or "Owner" level user can generate new JoinCodes that allow others to join the subscription. The JoinCode can be entered initially while creating an account, or it can be added afterwards.

To generate new JoinCodes:

  1. Navigate to Studio and login with an Owner or Admin UserID
  2. Click on "My Account" in the upper-right to pop out the account control
  3. Select the "My Organization" page
  4. Click on the "Invite User" button towards the top
  5. Select a permission Role for the user (typically Member, unless you're making another Admin or Owner)
  6. Click on "Generate join code" which will populate in the right text box
  7. Copy this code and send to a new user - you can also send them this article on redeeming the JoinCode.


24 Hours to Comply

For security reasons, JoinCodes are only good for 24 hours. After that expires, the user will need to request a new JoinCode.

That's it - you've invited a new user to join your subscription!


If you have a smaller number of users to setup, this is by far the easiest path - a few clicks per UserID, and you're done. If you have several hundred or thousands users to setup, you may consider setting up a shell script with the SXT CLI, or use APIs to integrate into other employee management software (like SSO, LDAP, etc.)