Houston: AI-Powered Data Engineer

Houston is an OpenAI-powered chatbot for data engineering developed by Space and Time. It performs a variety of actions from natural language prompts, such as generating executable SQL, creating Python pipelines, and controlling the Space and Time Studio.


Houston enables users to leverage its Prompt-to-SQL functionality to generate SQL queries and instantly visualize the results through charts and dashboards. With Houston, you can build a data pipeline in seconds using its OpenAI-powered chatbot.

Key Features:


Houston's OpenAI-powered chatbot can generate SQL queries in response to natural language inputs. You can simply ask Houston to "show me xyz" or "write a query for xyz" and it will generate and run the corresponding SQL code.

Prompt-to-Python script

Houston's OpenAI-powered chatbot can also generate Python code in response to natural language inputs. You can ask Houston to "write code for xyz" or “give me a Python script to do xyz” and it will generate the corresponding Python script and let you edit it in our online Python editor.

Text to Chainlink job

Houston allows you to create Chainlink jobs that take a query result and send that query result to a smart contract on-chain. You can easily integrate with Chainlink by using Houston's chatbot functionality.

Explore datasets

You can explore various data sets with Houston, such as Aave or Ethereum data. Simply ask Houston to "show me Aave data" or "show me ETH data,"and it will provide you with the relevant information.

Text to documentation

If you need assistance with Houston's documentation, you can ask Houston for help. Simply provide a prompt like "Houston documentation needs," and it will guide you to the relevant documentation resources.

Automatic charts and data visualizations

Houston automatically generates charts and data visualizations for your query results. You can easily publish your queries to APIs, dashboards, applications, and other databases.

Examples of prompts:

  • “Show me all Polygon wallets that have made at least 10 transactions on-chain and have a balance of at least 1 ETH.”
  • "Show me the top 10 addresses on Ethereum by the number of transactions."
  • "Generate a Python code to calculate the average transaction value on the Bitcoin blockchain."
  • “Write a Python script to grab Twitter sentiment data around ‘Bitcoin’ using Twitter API key xyz...”
  • "Create a Chainlink job to fetch the current price of Ethereum from an external API."
  • "Explore the historical data of Aave lending rates."
  • "How can I customize the appearance of my dashboard in Houston?"
  • "What are the available options for visualizing data in Houston?"
  • "Can you show me an example of a SQL query to filter data based on a specific date range?"
  • "What are the steps to publish query results from Houston to an API?"
  • "How can I integrate Houston with my existing ML/AI models?"



Houston is designed to understand natural language inputs, so you can ask questions or conversationally provide instructions.