Create a New Subscription

Managing the Space and Time subscription for your organization is surprisingly easy, using Space and Time Studio application. That said, if you want to embed administration of Space and Time into another existing control panel, all of these activities can also be completed using the Subscription APIs.

At a high-level, the setup of a new subscription will look like this:

  1. Navigate to Space and Time Studio dapp:
  2. Create your user account, as per normal.
  3. Click on "My Account" in the upper-right, and select a subscription option that works for you. If you want to sign-up using a cloud provider, click on the cloud of preference and complete the Marketplace purchase there.
    Regardless of how you sign-up, you will receive an Owner's "JoinCode" to redeem, allowing you to become the subscription's owner.
  4. Generate and distribute JoinCodes to your team, so they can associate their accounts to your owned subscription.
  5. You can always point users to this documentation for on-going administration support, for example, how to change passwords or add keypairs to their account, or find their Access Token.


Best Practice: Backup User

As a best practice, create an extra account with an "Owner" JoinCode, which can be safely stored away and not used. That way if admins or owners ever lose access keys thru accidents or laptop failures, you can still access your subscription to create new admin and owner accounts.