Space and Time's novel Proof of SQL cryptography allows DeFi smart contracts to access tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data.


Space and Time (SxT) offers a next-generation method for users to run cryptographically-guaranteed analytics and easily load the results for use in numerous DeFi solutions. With SxT, developers have access to both realtime and historical blockchain data to dramatically expand the DeFi use cases on-chain. Smart contracts can also access large data volumes aggregated off-chain in a verifiably tamperproof way, enabling new financial instruments on-chain.

Blockchain Indexing

SxT continually retrieves the latest block from every major blockchain and decodes it in a cryptographically-guaranteed way, providing information on the transactions, the smart contracts and wallets they’re involved with, and other relevant data. With SxT, a user could, for example, easily view which DEXs are experiencing a high volume of recent transactions, or account for every transaction related to a particular wallet across multiple DEXs, or even load historical data on the asset prices within a specific liquidity pool.

Essentially, SxT provides the data that enables users to answer complex analytic questions about DeFi protocols and assets, while structuring it in a way that’s easy to query. We’ve ironed out the core issues of first-generation blockchain technology, allowing for more compute, scalability and complexity, while maintaining the fundamental decentralized and trustless nature of Web3, and therefore vastly expanding the potential applications for DeFi.

For example, with the current limits, a DEX could look up the point-in-time value of an asset and use that value to execute a trade. SxT, however, unlocks the ability to pull the 90-day rolling average value of that asset and three peer assets to give a median value and 60-day forward projection, offering a much more nuanced and precise data set for the same decision.

Smart Contracts

The very fabric of DeFi is woven with smart contracts. Currently, smart contracts have limited data sources that they can pull from: either they use tamperproof—but extremely limited—blockchain data, or they use off-chain data that's been written to the chain from centralized databases, eliminating any guarantee that the data has not been tampered with. Historically, there's never been a way to load real-world data that both originates off-chain and is completely tamperproof to a smart contract.

With SxT, however, the user can compose a smart contract that queries from a SQL database in a way that is cryptographically guaranteed. SxT, using novel cryptography, Proof of SQL, computes SNARK proofs on the SQL-based retrieval of data stored on the platform, guaranteeing that the correct SQL operations were run against untampered data. In other words, SxT gives developers access to a trustlessly queryable, decentralized database with which to build smart contracts.

What it means

SxT can roll up a boundless variety of data from any liquidity pool in any DEX on any major blockchain into well-structured and comprehensive tables that can be accessed by smart contracts with cryptographic guarantees, providing a straightforward means to join a nearly-infinite amount of data with any DeFi function or application.

What’s Next