Publish cryptographically guaranteed query results on-chain.

Smart contracts have no query language

How does a smart contract for a DeFi protocol ask the question, “show me all wallets that have transacted in liquidity pool XYZ and have a balance greater than $1,000?”

New financial instruments on-chain

Space and Time allows smart contracts to ask complex questions about on-chain activity, as well as combine real-world data with on-chain transactions to enable new financial instruments on-chain.

Trustless SQL database

Space and Time is a trustless SQL database that lets you join provided data indexed from major blockchains with off-chain data loaded from any source.

Publish query results on-chain

Run SQL queries in our database or complex calculations with our Tamperproof Python service and connect the results back to your smart contract.

Proof of SQL

Proof of SQL computes a zk-proof on SQL operations, guaranteeing that the query execution and underlying data are accurate and tamperproof.

Decentralized lending

With Space and Time, you can combine real-world credit scores with on-chain transactions to create new Web3 credit scores for decentralized lending platforms.

What’s Next