Dapp development

SQL APIs on data lake/transactional database

Build data-driven dapps with pre-built APIs for SQL operations. Run SQL against your own off-chain data tables and tables with realtime blockchain data that we've indexed from major chains.

Full-stack dapp backend

Deploy dapps without managing your own backend infrastructure. Space and Time is both your database and your serverless backend, fully decentralized.

Pre-built Web3 APIs

Power your dapps with tamperproof blockchain data that we index from major chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Sui. We have all the APIs you need.

On-chain and off-chain data

Leverage cryptographically guaranteed real-world data in your dapps without breaking the zero-trust model. Join blockchain data with your dapp-generated data in a single query.


Publish your queries to beautiful custom-branded dashboards and integrate your dashboards into any environment, including your dapps.


Build ML and AI with verifiable data. Train your models on tamperproof data from on-chain and off-chain sources.