Partners and integrations

Native integrations for Web2 and Web3.

Web3 Infra

Indexed blockchains

Space and Time indexes all major blockchains in realtime and stores the data in a relational state. Check out our docs on blockchain indexing for the latest list of chains we index.


Space and Time integrates with Chainlink so you can easily publish your SQL query results on-chain directly from SxT. Today, we support this in two ways:

Data partners

  • Airbyte: Open-source data integration platform for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data and building and maintaining pipelines.
  • dbt:: Open-source data transformation tool that for defining, testing, and documenting SQL-based data transformations and creating pipelines.


You can load your data from source databases directly into Space and Time using our APIs, JDBC, or Kafka streaming.

  • PostgreSQL: Open-source relational SQL database that supports various data types.
  • MongoDB: NoSQL database that stores data in JSON-like documents.

Data lakes

You can load your data from source data lakes and data warehouses directly into Space and Time using our APIs, JDBC, or Kafka streaming.

  • Delta Lake/Iceberg: Open-source storage formats that provide ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling, and schema evolution for big data workloads on distributed computing platforms like Apache Spark.
  • S3/Azure Blob/Google Cloud Storage: Cloud-based object storage services designed for storing and managing large amounts of unstructured data.

Cloud 1-click deployments



  • OpenAI GPT4: Large multimodal model that generates human-like text based on input prompts and powers Space and Time's chatbot. Learn more about the integration
  • ChainML: Tamperproof ML protocol and enterprise-grade langchain.