Connecting to Space and Time

There are several options to consider when connecting to Space and Time.

There are a number of options for connecting and executing queries against Space and Time, depending on your use-case.

  • Space and Time Studio (in beta) - Space and Time specific, all-in-one interface for exploring data, running queries, and administering your account. Studio is the easiest access point, as it requires no development - just login and start running queries!
  • CLI - an easy CLI for interacting with Space and Time in either single commands, or building simple shell scripts. Most of the examples in these docs will leverage the CLI, as it provides a simple, cross-platform baseline.
  • REST APIs - the building blocks of the Space and Time functionality, use for building your own applications using Space and Time. There is an entire section of our docs dedicated to API references.
  • SDKs- Software development kits that pre-model interacting with Space and Time, in several modern languages, to speed development time. Currently available in Python, Go, and NodeJS.
  • JDBC driver - for locally-installed applications, traditional SQL editors, or Business Intelligence (BI) tools that accept JDBC connections.