What is Space and Time?

The Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3.

Space and Time (SxT) is the verifiable compute layer that scales zero-knowledge proofs on a decentralized data warehouse to deliver trustless data processing to smart contracts, LLMs, and enterprises. Space and Time joins indexed blockchain data from major chains with offchain datasets. Proof of SQL, the novel ZK-proof developed by Space and Time, ensures tamperproof computations at scale and proves that query results haven’t been manipulated. Space and Time is trusted by the most prominent financial institutions, enterprises, and Web3 apps.

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Developers use Space and Time to...


Connect indexed onchain data and your offchain data

Connect to tamperproof, relational, realtime blockchain data we've indexed from major chains as well as offchain data you've ingested. We already index Ethereum, Bitcoin, zkSync, Polygon, Sui, Avalanche, Sei, and Aptos and we're continually adding support for more chains.


Transform data with SQL

Execute both low-latency cached queries and large analytic jobs to transform and mold data into a schema specific for your business.


Publish queries to APIs and beautiful dashboards

Publish datasets and queries directly to APIs, build dapps on top of Space and Time, and scale easily to tens of terabytes and thousands of concurrent queries/requests.


Send trustless data to smart contracts

Send tamperproof query results to smart contracts in a trustless way, or publish query results directly onchain using our novel Proof of SQL cryptographic guarantees.

The Space and Time Solution: Verifiable Compute Layer

The core of the Space and Time platform is a hybrid transactional/analytic (HTAP) data warehouse that provides row-based OLTP in-memory cache with extreme throughput and column-based GPU-accelerated OLAP with elastic scale-out. SxT powers applications, dashboards, ML, and data science in a single decentralized environment, making it easier, faster, and cheaper for you to build in Web3.

SxT comes preloaded with blockchain data indexed from major chains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, zkSync, Polygon, Sui, Avalanche, Sei, and Aptos and lets you join it with your own offchain datasets loaded from your database, data warehouse, object storage, applications, or game servers. You can flexibly transform your data, execute ad hoc queries, and publish query results to a new API endpoint to power low-latency API access for your dapps.

Proof of SQL is the novel ZK-proof that guarantees that each query run in SxT is accurate, and that both the query and the underlying data are verifiably tamperproof. With SxT, your smart contract can ask questions about data on its own chain, data on other chains, and offchain data loaded from any source in a trustless and cryptographically guaranteed way.

What’s Next