Publish to a smart contract

Space and Time integration with Chainlink.

Chainlink, a partner of Space and Time, is a decentralized oracle network (DON) and Web3 services platform that allows developers to connect off-chain data to the blockchain in a trust-minimized way. SxT integrates with Chainlink so you can easily publish your SQL query results on-chain directly from SxT. Today, we support this in two ways:

Chainlink Functions

The easiest way to send query results to your smart contract, or publish data directly on-chain, is through our integration with Chainlink Functions. Functions provides access to off-chain computation without having to run and configure your own Chainlink Node. To pay for requests, you fund a subscription account with LINK.

Chainlink Functions is available on testnet only as a limited beta preview to ensure that this new platform is robust and secure for developers. You can apply for beta access here.

Chainlink Direct Requests

We also provide legacy support for Chainlink Direct Requests, which execute an oracle job upon receipt of an explicit request made by a user. The request is detected via a log emitted by an Oracle or Operator contract. This is similar to the legacy ethlog/runlog style of jobs.