Beta 0.40 - June 10, 2024

June 10th saw the beta release and Publication of our Github repo around "Proof of SQL" ZK Cryptography! This was a major milestone for Space and Time and for smart contracts everywhere!

Released this week:

  • Improved blockchain metadata caching & aggregations
  • Security API Enhancements:
    • Authentication:
      • PoSQL feature flag
      • Lowercase wallet addresses for logins
  • Subscription Enhancements:
    • Onchain payment backend deployment
    • Add multiple credit cards to subscription
    • Telemetry enhancements
  • Encryption Enhancements:
    • Handing of tamperproof tables
  • Smart Contract Indexing Enhancements:
    • Tamperproof indexing support
    • Internal DDL builder API enhancements
    • Proxy contract indexing resolution
  • AI / Natural Language to SQL Enhancements:
    • Refactoring and Deprecation of Old Inactive Azure OpenAI Deployments like the Davinci Model etc.
    • Training refinement, particularly around ERC20 tables