The Graph

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS.

The Graph is a dedicated API service that provides access to blockchain data, while Space and Time is a full-scale data warehouse that supports the joining and querying of on and off-chain data with cryptographic guarantees, while also supporting integration with The Graph.

The Graph is an API service focused on delivering fast access to on-chain data by incentivizing their community to identify and generate high-value, pre-build structured subsets of blockchains (indexes). Similarly to SxT, The Graph relies on node operators to provide a fully decentralized service to customers.

Web3 developers that are already leveraging The Graph to index and query data relative to their smart contract events can easily load data into Space and Time (using our load tool for The Graph) and join that data with both full blockchain history indexed by SxT and ingested off-chain data.

SxT provides access to all on-chain data via its own blockchain indexing and modeling service, as a set of shared data warehouse tables. Additionally, SxT allows customers to load their own custom data, meaning they can join on-chain and off-chain data in a single SQL statement. SxT also provides a transactional database for fast, simple requests, as well as an analytic engine for complex joins, both atop the same shared storage layer. Queries in Space and Time are cryptographically guaranteed by our novel cryptography, Proof of SQL.

At its core...The GraphSpace and Time
...what is it?Dedicated API Service for blockchain dataDecentralized data warehouse
...what does it do?Fast access to high-value on-chain data subsets (subgraphs) via APIFast access to full on-chain and custom off-chain data (or joined hybrid) via API or SQL
...who operates?Independent node operatorsIndependent node operators
...what is the best metaphor?Google for Web3Snowflake for Web3
who would use?dapp developers that need access to blockchain datadapp developers, smart contracts needing complex joins of on/off chain data, analysts for decision support, other visualization tools

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