Snowflake is a cloud-based data platform that enables data storage, processing, and analytic solutions.

Space and Time is, essentially, the decentralized version of Snowflake. Snowflake is a robust data platform that runs completely on cloud infrastructure. All components of the service run in public cloud infrastructures, and data is stored in cloud storage. In contrast, SxT is a Web3-native, trustless, cryptographically guaranteed decentralized data warehouse with comparable scalability to the Snowflake cloud solution. Though Snowflake revolutionized big data processing, analytics, and storage, it remains, at its core, a centralized model, and is therefore not appropriate for many Web3 projects.

SxT is a decentralized, drag-and-drop replacement for Snowflake, empowering a similar scale of data warehousing for the trustless future, and enabling easy joins of on and off-chain data, the generation of cryptographic guarantees, and seamless smart contract integration.

At its core...SnowflakeSpace and Time
...what is it?Cloud data warehouseDecentralized data warehouse
...what does it do?Enterprise-scale data warehousingFast access to full on-chain and custom off-chain data (or joined hybrid) via API or SQL
...who operates?Centralized Snowflake operations on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, AzureIndependent node operators on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, on-premise
who would use?Traditional enterprisesdapp developers, smart contracts needing complex joins of on/off chain data, analysts for decision support, other visualization tools

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