Authenticate with your Ethereum wallet

You can authenticate to the Space and Time dapp by simply logging in with your wallet.

Step 1: Navigate to the Space and Time dapp

Step 2: Sign in

Select the Sign in button in the top right corner, and select Connect a wallet.

Make sure you have the appropriate browser connection installed, and connect your wallet of choice.

Step 3 (Optional): Enter your join code

If you signed up for Space and Time for your company or project, you should have received a unique organization join code in your Space and Time welcome email. You'll only be prompted to enter this the first time you authenticate. Please note that Space and Time is currently in beta, and you'll have to sign up for access. To access the Space and Time beta, visit this link.

That's it!

You're ready to start using Space and Time! Check out all the cool things you can do in the SxT dapp.