How does SxT map to...

There are often questions on how Space and Time maps /compares to various other technologies. This section aims to provide some high-level context.

Often during a conversation about Space and Time (SxT), folks will make the statement,

So Space and Time is like [insert another Web3 project]!

It makes sense, as mapping to something familiar is a great short-cut to understanding. To date however, SxT is unique in the Web3 space. The closest match might be, The Graph + Snowflake (but cryptographically guaranteed).

To help clarify, in this section are several pages that map how SxT works alongside other various projects, calls out where they overlap, and where they compliment. This list covers the most common names we hear when people [insert another Web3 project], but check back often, as we'll continue to add (or drop us a note on Discord, and we'll get it on the list).