Dune Analytics

Dune is a blockchain visualization tool.


Dune is a database and visualization tool for blockchain data, while Space and Time is a decentralized database and analytic data warehouse that joins on and off-chain data. Dune is a data platform that ingests difficult-to-access blockchain data and makes it accessible via a SQL database. Using SQL queries, users can quickly search for and extract a wide variety of blockchain information from the database, then transform it into tables and visualizations. SxT also supports transactional querying of blockchain data, as well as cryptographically guaranteed analytic querying of joined on and off-chain data.

At its core...DuneSpace and Time
...what is it?PostgreSQL database + visualizationDecentralized data warehouse
...what does it do?Aggregates blockchain data into an SQL database that can be easily queriedFast access to full on-chain and custom off-chain data (or joined hybrid) via API or SQL
...who operates?Independent node operatorsIndependent node operators
who would use?Crypto traders, blockchain enthusiasts, NFT ownersdapp developers, smart contracts needing complex joins of on/off chain data, analysts for decision support, other visualization tools